Extraterrestrials beings from outer space!

I’m going to introduce myself;
I’m Luka and I like drawing, writing and being creative. I’m a billion lifetimes old.
At art school we’ve had the assignment to make a blog and pick our own subjects and I’ve always been fascinated (and obsessed with) by aliens so I decided to write about what I know and what I’ve read;

Oh, I find it such an exciting topic! I’ve been obsessed since I was six years old.
Many people do not believe in a life form other than we as human beings on Earth, but don’t you think that’s rather egocentric?
I mean look at the solar system, look at the whole universe.. We don’t know anything yet for it is endless. How and WHY should we ‘own’ the only planet with life?
There could be lots of different types of aliens out there, they could be like bacteria, but they could also be high intelligent beings. Which brings us to the topic of U.F.O’s.

It’s short for Unidentified Flying Object, so it’s not necessarily from outer spaced (though many people think they are) but it’s just something we haven’t seen before or could not identify. Imagine outer space beings are intelligent and highly evolved enough to create spacecrafts with which they could bend space and time and travel to our solar system.
I mean look at the things we create as humans. Planes, cars, buildings, ancient pyramids.. Which reminds me! There is a theory about pyramids being built by extra terrestrials (but I’ll leave that for next week).
Back to spacecrafts and U.F.O’s:
The question is why would alien beings want to travel to our world? To observe us? To abduct us (I’ll talk abduction in one of my next blogs)?
We might never find out.

Lots of space:
I will make a small list with subjects for my blog next week and the ones thereafter:
-Alien Abduction
-Ancient Aliens (not the series on History channel, but the myths around aliens and ancient building (such as pyramids and Puma Punku)
-Alien Races
-Aliens and Cavemen (theory about evolution)

throughout my blogs I might put links to different sites or interviews with abductees and such.

Well, see you next week:



About lukasiegfriet

I do not come from this planet (maybe not even this solar system) but I'm here now, I believe in reincarnation obviously. I draw (I won't say I love to draw because sometimes I do not, its just what I do and am (sort of) good at) and make 'art', though I question if anybody actually knows what 'art' is. People call my work 'fantasy', but it's my escape from reality (I might as well say I hate this world (because most of humanity and civilization etc.)) but it actually IS my reality. I love music, H.I.M. is my all time favorite band, their lyrics are like my bible (I'm an atheist by the way) also The Cure, Bright eyes, Placebo, Nekromantix, Yann Tiersen, Slipknot, Korn, Evanescence and things like that. Some people may experience me as some dark, morbid, negative person. But I'm also insecure, highly sensitive (pure, not for attention that is) and with bright ideas and philosophy theories about other worlds/lives, how the world should be, extraterrestrial life and such things. My favorite subjects are love, death and the universe (with that I also include other lives, aliens, different worlds and such). Well that's about it, I also tend to be too open or talk too much. And I think poop is funny.
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